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FlagStand XL


Extra tall and stable flag stand for outdoor use


The FlagStand XL is a stable, portable flag stand with a telescopic function, making it possible to vary the height up to 18' (5.5 m). The simple construction, with very few loose parts, allows simple transportation and makes the product fast to mount and set up. The FlagStand XL comes in two versions – one with weighted plates and one where you use bags filled with water as weights.


Key Features:

• Very few loose parts – fits into one bag

• Very fast to mount and set up

• Base with water bags or base with cast iron weights

• Telescopic flag pole that reaches up to 18' (5.5 m)

• Carefully selected materials to endure long outdoor use



Base, support pole, framework attachments, graphic, and carrying bag.


Overall height: 216-9/16" (18'-9/16")

Graphic size: 47-1/4"w x 181-1/8"h



w/iron weights: 53-9/16" x 53-9/16"

w/water bags: 47-1/4" x 47-1/4"


WEIGHT = 97 lbs.

w/water bags: 26.45 lbs.

filled water bags: (4) 44.09 lbs/each

Total Weight = 203 lbs. (92 kg)



Direct Print (textiles, vinyl, specialty)

Dye-Sub (fabrics)


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