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The aim of the M2™ was to set a new standard in portable media systems. The unique Modular Tension System (MTS™) incorporates technology inspired by solutions found on racing yachts. The MTS™ is designed to generate tension as you pull the graphic up which makes retracting the media a breeze. This technology and ease of use has been wrapped into a sleek alloy shell. The Expand M2™ comes in a stylish nylon bag and can be set up in 30 seconds. An optional halogen light is also available to illuminate your message.



M2 base, graphic, telescopic pole, and nylon carrying bag.



Width: 33-7/16”

Height: Adjusts from 63" to 88-5/8"



Digital Photo Graphic

Direct Digital (textiles, vinyl, specialty)

Dye-Sub (fabrics)



Spotlight (50 W)

Shipping Case


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