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MediaScreen 2


MediaScreen 2 consists of two retractable banner stands in one, making it twice as effective, since your message is displayed on both the front and the back. It is particularly useful in airports, hotel lobbies, banks, etc., where it allows you the flexibility of communicating your message in two directions.


MediaScreen 2 includes clamping profiles which hold most materials, attaches to the top of the pole and does not allow the pole to protrude above the image. The MediaScreen 2 is delivered in a practical nylon bag and optional spotlights are available to illuminate your messages.



MediaScreen 2 base, graphic, telescopic pole, and nylon carrying bag.



33-7/16“w x 78-3/4”h OR 86-5/8”h

39-3/8"w x 78-3/4”h OR 86-5/8”h



Digital Photo Graphic

Direct Digital (textiles, vinyl, specialty)

Dye-Sub (fabrics)



Spotlight - 50W (US standard)

Shipping Case


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